Privacy Policy

The cash app is a well-famed application in the United States with millions of active users. Our website is also providing services for the same application. As this is a money-based application hence needs extra protection of the customer data. We are a prominent service provider that keeps all the things in mind that are important for data security.

Personal information. Customers have to provide their personal information like name, location, and date of birth while taking services from us. We will only use this information for providing service to them. Apart from that, we do not share any details with other parties. Our website has some external links as well. If you click on these links you will be taken to a different website. You will get to know about particular topics deeply after clicking on these external links. So, you have to allow for their conditions as well after clicking on these external links. Moreover, we are not sharing any information about our users through these links.

Contact information:

Users have to mention their contact number and email address while purchasing service from us. These details would be helpful for us to convert promotional offers to the customers. If you will not provide this information then we would not be able to confirm the doubts regarding the purchased service.


customers have to pay reasonable charges to avail of our services. For this, they have to provide their bank details and debit card information on our website. If a customer chooses to discontinue our services then he/she can do it anytime from their end. However, we will not provide any refund for the cancellation of the services after the payment is processed by the customers.


Once you agree to accept our cookies file, we will get all your technical information. These cookies will capture your IP address, model number, router information, and many other things. Also, all save all this information in our servers and use them if needed while providing the services.

Lastly, we would like to assure our customers that we will not use the information of our users other than the business use. So, we request you relax and use our services to get rid of your cash app problems.